Performance, reliability and price are implicit requirements of each FAAC product.

To maintain the quality levels that have always distinguished it, the company is constantly investing in technological, organisational and methodological innovation and requests a daily commitment from all personnel in respect of company policies and values aimed at enhancing the quality of each activity carried out within the Group.

In particular, the quality control system guarantees a number of activities that are briefly summarised in the following points:

  1. Constant monitoring of the market to better meet its needs with products that are safe for humans and the environment, always in line with current regulations.
  2. Proper and controlled business management and continuous improvement of production processes and time to market which are increasingly shorter.
  3. An efficient sales network in every operational phase, always in line with the Group’s values.
  4. A dynamic organisational structure, able to motivate, empower, update and enhance the professionalism of each of the employees.
  5. Identification and investment of adequate financial resources, defined during the budget.
  6. The adoption of techniques of excellence in renovation and development of products and production and organisational processes.
  7. The constant review of processes, results obtained and procedures to be followed.
  8. The responsiveness in adopting corrective measures after analysing complaints and objectives aimed at meeting customer expectations.
  9. The development and control of the network of qualified suppliers of products and services.
  10. Continuous monitoring of the progress of corporate objectives.
  11. Integration, support, motivation and control of the sales network.
  12. The selection and implementation of the network of qualified installers to guarantee and protect the users.